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This award winning firming cream was created for post-childbirth or post-diet skincare. Its specific formula has been designed to mimic the structure of cell membranes, allowing the active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin....

The cream is enriched with herbal extracts, which are certified, and nourishes and restores sagging skin on the abdomen, buttocks and arms, resulting in a more sculpted silhouette.

The cream can be safely used during breastfeeding and by those taking homeopathic medications.

  • Visible results
  • 26% more elastic skin in 28 days
  • 20% tighter skin 42 days
  • 72 % reduction aspects of cellulite in 60 days

Awarded by Prix De Beaute 2013 as the best product in the category "Dermocosmetic / Care - Slimming Body"

Awarded by the Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2016 as the Best Tummy Firming Treatment.

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